Shraddha Thakkar

It’s a programme that grows with your children. I am fortunate to be a part of Word Masti Institute and teach little minds Grammar in a jolly way (pun intended) under your guidance. Jolly Grammar continues throughout the school years by extending the earlier phonics teaching. Each year of teaching provides continuous revision and consolidation of topics taught in the previous years.

Ma’am it’s an immense pride and joy to learn and derive from your years of experience and pass out to younger ones. Your method of teaching is so contagious that we can’t restrict ourselves. At Word Masti, children are taught the correct concepts of Grammar starting with simple age appropriate definitions, which are gradually built on with each year of teaching. Your systematic teaching of spellings, Grammar, punctuations and vocabulary is evident in the students daily writing.

CA Chirag Uchat, Father of Nivaan Uchat

My son is going to Word Masti Phonics Institute and he is enjoying a lot. Teaching method is very play way and concept teaching is very innovative, easy to understand & remember. Principal Director “Hema Chandra” is constantly upgrading her self even now for easy, simple and concept based teaching ideas which is best part of Word Masti.

The team of teachers are also very well trained and polite when you have any queries.
One more thing I would like to share is that I and my wife has attended 2 days Jolly phonics workshop conducted by Hema Chandra to understand how Jolly phonics works and how best we can give to kids while sitting with them for their homework and that was really an awesome experience in itself.